Useful links

Ninite                            Install and Update All Your Programs at Once. No toolbars. No clicking next. Just pick your apps and go.

Should I remove It?     Type in a program name and see what it is and if you should remove it. Download and install the app for easy lookup.

PC Part Picker              View price history of PC components across all retailers. Build and Price custom PCs.

Bleeping Computers    Safe place to download malware removal tools. They also have a great community and forum.

Windows Club             Useful tools made by forum members. Good tech resource.

TechPowerUp               Computer component news, good forum as well.

Reddit Sysadmin          A Reddit dedicated to the profession of computer system administration. Good for server related questions.

Reddit Comp Techs      A reddit dedicated to the profession of computer technician. Good for software and tool suggestions.

Reddit Tech Support    A Reddit dedicated to tech support. Useful for strange oddball tech questions and troubleshooting.

Reddit Build A PC         A Reddit dedicated to custom built workstations/gaming PCs. Use PC Part Picker and post your build for recommended changes.

IT Reddit                       A aggregate of IT related Reddit's. Useful for news and finding out whats happening in the IT world.